Banking Products & Insurance Services

Banking Institution: Manulife Bank

Deposit Products:

  • High-interest savings & chequing accounts (registered RSP version also available)
  • GICs / short-term deposits
  • Tax Free Savings Accounts

Family Insurance Products:

  • Family Debt and Income Protection
  • Mortgage Insurance
  • Disability Insurance
  • Critical Illness Insurance

Business Insurance Products:

  • Business Owner Succession
  • Business Exit Strategies
  • Funding Buy-Sell Agreements
  • Key Executive Insurance
  • Collateral Term Insurance
  • Funding Capital Gains Tax
  • Funding of Share Equalization
  • Business Continuation
  • Business Loan & Income Protection

Banking products and services are offered by referral arrangements through our related company Manulife Bank of Canada; additional disclosure information will be provided by your Advisor upon referral.